A CMS is No Longer Just a CMS but a Marketing Suite


The right content management system (CMS) is used to effectively manage your website. A number of companies will use content management systems to store and retrieve published data on their website, but it is so much more than this now. A content management system will do more than update content, it gives you a complete …

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7 Tips to Successful Ecommerce Website

7 Tips to a Successful ECommerce Website

Websites are becoming a more frequent venue for retail as consumers leave the traditional realm of physical locations. Since there are thousands of ecommerce websites already out there, ecommerce design is essential to success. Just because a business has the best product and the best price doesn’t mean they have a well thought-out website. Anyone …

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How to Manage Web Design Projects

Web Design Meeting

Design is subjective in nature and can be one of the most difficult aspects of managing a web design project. But the creativity behind a website is the most important part of a company’s website initiative.  The initial impression that a website design delivers is critical to the success of that project.  But because design …

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8 Old School Social Media Marketing Rules You Should Break


The essence of social media is connection and engagement.  Social networks have connected the world like never before.  People are so enchanted by them that “sharing” officially became a thing.  Everything happens on a social media platform — including the world’s biggest bankrollers who aim at taking “sharing” into another level and turn followers into …

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The 7 Best Salesforce Features that Will Improve Your Customer Experience


Salesforce Market Dominance Salesforce is the most powerful customer-relationship management software on the market today.  That’s not the opinion of a CRM expert or corporate super user – that’s evidence from the marketplace.  As of May 2014, Salesforce has a 16% market share in CRM software, outdistancing SAP and Oracle at 13% and 10% respectively. Salesforce’s year-over-year growth (2012-13) …

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How Salesforce Helps Small Businesses


Whether you have a big business or a small business you need a customer relationship management (CRM) system  to manage your sales pipeline and  the relationships with your customers.  We can all agree that CRM is a game-changing tool that provides insights to your business that allow you to focus on the right opportunities while …

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Better Salesforce Email Tracking with ContactMonkey


Last week I was at the Indianapolis Salesforce User Group and this question was asked – “Why wouldn’t you track your emails in Salesforce?”  I love this question because my personal pet peeve is when companies don’t track sales activity.  Sales people need to track activity and Salesforce is a great place to do this.  But the main …

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Creating Folders and Subfolders in Salesforce with Folderize™

Folderize creates folders in Salesforce

There is a new app on the Salesforce AppExchange that provides a folder/subfolder solution to your Salesforce instance.  Recently, Share Methods launched Folderize™ which “provides the missing folder structure for Salesforce Content Libraries.”  For years, Salesforce users and admins have long desired a nesting folder hierarchy within Salesforce for better organization of their documents.  Just …

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How a Simple Metric Can Dramatically Improve Salesforce Adoption

Salesforce Adoption Reports

Undoubtedly, when you are creating a KPI sales model to guide your sales activity, it all starts with the integrity of the data. On the other hand, most sales reps view inputting information into Salesforce customer relationship management (CRM) software as mundane and are reluctant to do it. Since the integrity of your sales forecasts …

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What the Microsoft and Salesforce.com Partnership Means for Developers


Yesterday, it was announced that long-time rivals salesforce.com and Microsoft have created a partnership that ultimately brings their products and services together. This has many benefits such as bringing the Salesforce1 Mobile App to the Windows phone, integration with Office 365, an improved Outlook and Salesforce connector and more. But from a developers aspect this …

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Your Next Website Project Should Focus on Leads; Not Design

Leading Generating Website

Ok. Web design is important but it better not be the only focus of your new website project. We often hear from clients or prospects that they want a new “look and feel” for their website. If that is all you want then there are many cheap solutions out there. But if you look at …

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Where to Start When Overhauling All Your Business Systems

Business Systems

As consulting professionals we often find ourselves in situations where we are spearheading the overhaul of a critical business system or set of systems. In each instance we are asked by clients where to begin. Do you start with the most complicated system? The system with the most users? The system that is being focused …

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10 Tips to Manage Your Social Media [Infographic]

Manage your Social Media

When it comes to social media many of us are still getting use to it, stumbling into it or pros at executing on it. But just like everything in life our social media needs to be cleansed to ensure we are portraying ourselves in the positive light we strive for. We especially see this when …

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How Bad Timing is Damaging Your Content Marketing

Content Marketing Timing

American author, Joshua Harris believes that: the right thing at the wrong time is the wrong thing. In comedy, in saying sorry, in revealing a surprise, or just about anything in life — timing is everything. Things should happen when they should or they will lose their meaning. For example, a piece of advice from …

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My Top Podcasts for Salesforce, Web, Sales and Marketing


As I have gotten older I realize that my time is limited. Between work, family, kids and the activities in-between I have a full day. But I have to constantly learn and stay on top of the trends in my industry (which is web, Salesforce consulting and custom application development) and podcasts provide me a …

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