How Salesforce Products and Price Books Work Together

Salesforce Products & Price Books

Many companies run their inventory of products and services out of Salesforce. This provides a complete view to the sales and marketing teams as it relates to what is in inventory, what customers have purchased and product specific information. But Salesforce products also provides the ability for sales people to quickly generate sales quotes with …

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How Website Call-to-Actions Increase Your Conversion Rate

Website Call to Actions

When it comes to increasing conversion rates with your websites and with your sales copy sometimes you need to take advantage of a more professional call to action. Your web copy might be great and you might have fully optimized web development procedures which ensure that your content is ranked well in search engines. Unfortunately …

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How to Instantly Improve Your Salesforce Chatter

Rolling out Salesforce1 Chatter

Social media and forums are very popular because it’s an easy way to keep in touch and get new information without having to make a phone call, send an email or physically visit a person. More than a million people access popular social media sites daily and businesses are using this to their advantage. If …

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[Infographic] Websites that Win

Info CMS

No longer is a content management system just a website editing tool.  Today, websites that win are leading the complete digital marketing experience.  This is done with leading content management systems (we recommend Kentico) that provide features and functions that provide each visitor with a unique and powerful experience. In this infographic we share the features …

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10 Apps for the Savvy & Creative Software Project Manager

Apps for Creative Project Managers

If you are in charge of varying software development or technology projects for your company, you are likely consumed by the many facets each project presents. Whether it is managing resources, updating budgets or presenting to clients project managers have a lot of responsibility. Fortuantly, there are many applications (“apps”) that can keep any project …

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Software Development: How to Prevent Scope Creep

Project Manager - Managing Scope Creep

Scope creeps are definitely the worst of the nightmares that project managers, busy with large software development projects, are often haunted by. Not only this tendency causes huge amount of stress at an individual level but causes many projects to fail being on time, within budget and in some scenarios result in severing of contracts. …

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Tapping The Next Big Thing: Mobile Marketing Currency

eMarketing ECommerce

Today, online marketing or ecommerce has expanded their reach and closer to consumers. Currently, most of the consumers are turning towards the ease and comfort of shopping online. But with the current trend in mobile industries and as people continue to look for upgrades, it seems that the mobile will be the next big thing …

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Why Personas are Critical to Your Website Project

Website Personas

What in the world are Personas? The term Personas refers to a group of users that have similar characteristics (demographics, behaviors, etc). Each Persona consists of an image, a description, and other attributes. So you create these Personas to classify the different segments of visitors who visit your site. When you bundle all of your …

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Amazing New Salesforce1 Apps that are Free

Free Salesforce1 Apps

The Salesforce AppExchange is loaded with amazing apps that will keep you productive no matter where you are!  There have been a few recently added apps for Salesforce1 that are free and worth checking out.  Let’s take a look at them, and see all the benefits they bring to the table. Product Catalog First up …

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Salesforce: When to Convert a Lead to an Opportunity

Salesforce Leads vs Opportunities

No two companies use the exact same sales methods primarily because of the different factors and strategies that each company has. These factors and strategies could include the type of service provided, the product that is sold, how a company views their revenue or even the method in which a company handles their clients. An …

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Successful Sales Reps “Clean Their Room” in

Successful sales reps clean their room in

A well thought-out business plan should succeed. It is like a good engine, turn the key and it will run smoothly. Yet often it does not. Sales managers then have to explain and often they are at a loss for words. The truth is that the problem is there for a reason. It has developed …

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Salesforce is the CRM Solution for Small & Medium Business

Salesforce and Small & Medium Business

The reason as to why is the CRM solution for small and medium enterprises is because of the many benefits attached to it. This is in regards to the immediate value your sales team receives and this is in accordance to improving their ability to sell together with the significant increase in success rates. …

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A New Way to Take Notes in Salesforce

Taking Notes in Salesforce

I’m a note taker.  If I’m in a meeting you will see me taking notes and jotting down reminders.  It’s something I have always done in order to keep organized and ever since high school I feel that I have created a solid system that helps me organize my notes and to-do lists. Ever since we subscribed to …

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Top #Salesforce Pins on Pinterest

#Salesforce on Pinterest

Pinterest is not only good for recipes and DIY plans but it is also a great place to come across great business content and infographics. This week we wanted to share with you some of the top #Salesforce pins on Pinterest that might be of interest to you. How CRM Helps Small Businesses.  An infographic …

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Newly Enhanced Salesforce Files Reinvents Storing Files in the Cloud

Salesforce Files Sync

  If you’re storing files in the cloud you’re probably using Dropbox, or even Google Drive. Now that same experience and capability is brought into Salesforce with the newly enhanced Salesforce Files. For many years, Salesforce users have had the ability to store files within Salesforce but without folder hierarchy thus providing users with the experience they would …

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