Rumors About a New Salesforce Product Are In The Air!

Salesforce Analytics Cloud

Dreamforce ’14, the annual Salesforce user conference, is fast approaching, and it is predicted to be one of the most exciting of all cloud events this year. This conference will take place in San Francisco with attendees from all over the world are set to attend the event. Last year, during Dreamforce 13, the focus …

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LinkedIn and Salesforce: A Much Better World


For a long time both Salesforce and LinkedIn have worked together to connect the business world with the buying world. In the recent weeks, however, LinkedIn has completely and totally revamped their Salesforce service. Here, we will tell you some of the more exciting developments of this revamp. We will also tell you why we …

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For Men: How to Effectively Pack for Dreamforce

For Men: How o Pack for Dreamforce

Dreamforce ’14 is next week and over 140,000 people are prepping and finalizing their plans. Whether it’s finalizing your Agenda-Builder, setting up final meetings or trying to catch up with old friends you have a busy week ahead of you. This is my third Dreamforce and I’ve learned my lesson when it comes to packing …

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3 Practices Your Best Salesforce Admins Do

Best Salesforce Admins

You are the Salesforce Admin for your company’s users. You are charged with the responsibility of making sure that the Salesforce environment you operate provides your users with all of the tools and advantages they need to go big. You understand the importance of Salesforce, a cloud based customer relationship management or CRM tool designed …

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SMB: 10 Dreamforce Sessions That Will Improve Performance and Profit

Dreamforce Industry Zone

Over 1,400 breakout sessions at Dreamforce ’14 and we identified 10 sessions that will resonate with every small & medium business that wants to improve their business performance and ultimately their profit. We did the work and narrowed it down for you so you can quickly add them to your Dreamforce Agenda Builder. 1. Circles …

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How to Approve Files in Salesforce with Triggers and Validation Rules

Validation Rules and Triggers with Salesforce Files

With Salesforce users have the ability to share, manage and collaborate on files thus providing better control of all critical documents. Over the last few months we have seen many announcements that have came from Salesforce about new features to Salesforce Files. In the meantime, there is also a growing group on the Salesforce Success …

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The New Community Cloud – Connect Like Never Before

Salesforce Community Cloud

If you haven’t heard of Salesforce or their newly rolled out Community Cloud, you are in for a pleasant surprise. Since many people are already familiar with LinkedIn, they already have the basic idea what is doing and why they are doing it. Salesforce has moved the concept to the enterprise level. When you …

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Getting Ready for a Responsive Web Design Project

Responsive Web Design

    Creating a responsive web design is imperative if you want to appeal to as wide a market as possible. With so many people accessing the web on all types of devices, from small handhelds to massive screens for a major setup, you do not want to have a website that looks terrible. You …

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How Salesforce Products and Price Books Work Together

Salesforce Products & Price Books

Many companies run their inventory of products and services out of Salesforce. This provides a complete view to the sales and marketing teams as it relates to what is in inventory, what customers have purchased and product specific information. But Salesforce products also provides the ability for sales people to quickly generate sales quotes with …

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How Website Call-to-Actions Increase Your Conversion Rate

Website Call to Actions

When it comes to increasing conversion rates with your websites and with your sales copy sometimes you need to take advantage of a more professional call to action. Your web copy might be great and you might have fully optimized web development procedures which ensure that your content is ranked well in search engines. Unfortunately …

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How to Instantly Improve Your Salesforce Chatter

Rolling out Salesforce1 Chatter

Social media and forums are very popular because it’s an easy way to keep in touch and get new information without having to make a phone call, send an email or physically visit a person. More than a million people access popular social media sites daily and businesses are using this to their advantage. If …

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[Infographic] Websites that Win

Info CMS

No longer is a content management system just a website editing tool.  Today, websites that win are leading the complete digital marketing experience.  This is done with leading content management systems (we recommend Kentico) that provide features and functions that provide each visitor with a unique and powerful experience. In this infographic we share the features …

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10 Apps for the Savvy & Creative Software Project Manager

Apps for Creative Project Managers

If you are in charge of varying software development or technology projects for your company, you are likely consumed by the many facets each project presents. Whether it is managing resources, updating budgets or presenting to clients project managers have a lot of responsibility. Fortuantly, there are many applications (“apps”) that can keep any project …

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Software Development: How to Prevent Scope Creep

Project Manager - Managing Scope Creep

Scope creeps are definitely the worst of the nightmares that project managers, busy with large software development projects, are often haunted by. Not only this tendency causes huge amount of stress at an individual level but causes many projects to fail being on time, within budget and in some scenarios result in severing of contracts. …

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Tapping The Next Big Thing: Mobile Marketing Currency

eMarketing ECommerce

Today, online marketing or ecommerce has expanded their reach and closer to consumers. Currently, most of the consumers are turning towards the ease and comfort of shopping online. But with the current trend in mobile industries and as people continue to look for upgrades, it seems that the mobile will be the next big thing …

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