Beyond Mobile: Leveraging the Internet of Things for Business

The Internet of Things is beyond mobile

Businesses that want to continue to be successful and grow their business need to stay on top of trends and advancements in the business world. Some of these trends change the way businesses interact with customers, such as through social media and mobile technology, while others change how businesses create and maintain products, such as …

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4 Awesome Benefits of Website Responsive Design that You Did Not Know

Website Responsive Design

Annoyed about users complaining about your web pages’ inconsistent display across different screen dimensions? With the increased usage of tablets and smartphones, people access websites from different gadgets, and not all websites have the capability to adjust their web pages accordingly. And in today’s socially vocal times, a lot of users leave highly visible complaints. …

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Salesforce1 World Tour Chicago

Salesforce1 World Tour Chicago

On April 24, 2014 people from all over will come to Chicago to experience the all new Salesforce1 Customer Platform. This one-day event will allow you to experience how companies are using Salesforce and the Salesforce1 Platform to sell, service and market faster, cheaper and much more effectively. You will experience how your company can …

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Galvin Named Top 50 in Indy

In a recent article written by Galvin was named one of the Top 50 Designers in Indianapolis. It is truly and honor to be named one of the top companies in this great city, especially alongside the names of the other 49 companies.   On a weekly basis the writers of at Upcity travel …

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Google Upgrades Analytics to Universal Analytics


On April 3 Google announced that there will be changes made to Google Analytics. Enter Universal Analytics. Universal Analytics is now the new operating standard for Google Analytics; providing new collection methods and reporting tools. With new features such as the User ID it will now be possible to track more accurate user counts by …

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The 2014 State of Marketing Automation [Infographic]

The State of Marketing Automation

It’s 2014 and the growing technologies continue to be cloud based solutions and leading that charge is CRM. With every CRM and Salesforce implementation project we do at Galvin we hear one common request – the need for better data for better marketing. Enter Marketing Automation. Marketing automation works with your leads in your CRM …

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Salesforce Gunning to Be Bigger than SAP

Salesforce will go after SAP

Yesterday at the Boston Salesforce 1 World Tour Keith Block, president of, explained his confidence and prediction that Salesforce will be bigger than SAP and become the largest applications company in the world while also becoming the third largest enterprise software company. In order to surpass SAP Keith Block said “will focus on …

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It’s Here! The New Features of the Kentico 8 CMS

Kentico 8

It’s official – Kentico 8 has been been released.  We have seen the previews and we have been anticipating this for sometime.  Some of the biggest improvements made to the Kentico Content Management System are: A New User Interface has been redesgined to provide an overall richer user experience The architecture behind the CMS has …

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3 Important Elements of a Web Design Project

Web Design Project Management

So you’re planning to begin a web design project, or maybe you recently completed your website and the results were less than desirable, or maybe you’re in the middle of your project and have no idea where to go next. Web design, like any other project, requires careful planning and foresight if you want to …

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Automate Your Sales Process in Spring ’14

Salesforce Repeating Tasks

This is the third email were we will be highlighting new Salesforce features that will launch with Spring ’14. Two weeks ago we emailed you about the ability to post announcements within Chatter and our first email was about Salesforce1 and the Leads object. Next, we will uncover repeating tasks. Repeat Tasks on a Flexible …

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Midwest Dreamin’ – The BIGGEST Community Conference of Salesforce Admins and Developers

Midwest Dreamin Logo

There is a new Salesforce conference coming to the midwest (Chicago to be exact) that is organized completely by the Salesforce user community.  Go anywhere and you can find a local Salesforce User Community.  Being in Indianapolis we are fortunate enough to have the Indianapolis Salesforce User Group, the Southern Indiana User Group, the Cincinnati …

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Why Web Design Projects Go Wrong

Web Design Projects

When I am in the middle of scoping out a web design project I always use a saying – “the devil is in the details“. From a distance a requirement may look simple but when you start diving deeper into the requirements it becomes obvious why something takes as long as it does. A good …

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How Sales People Get Started with Twitter

Twitter Lists

As someone who not only oversees the social media strategy for Galvin Technologies but also uses social media I often get asked by sales people about how they should be utilizing social media – especially Twitter. I also listen to many sales and business people explain to me that they don’t want to do social …

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Posting Announcements in Salesforce Chatter Groups

Post Announcements in Chatter

This is the second email were we will be highlighting Salesforce features that will launch with Spring ’14.  If you missed our first email you can view it here. But to keep our promise of sending you an email highlighting some upcoming features we thought you might enjoy the new announcements feature in Chatter. Highlight …

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LinkedIn: Referrals Make a Difference


I hope we can all agree that LinkedIN is a great business tool.  Personally, it is the third leading source for new business for Galvin Technologies.  Recently, Degree Query came out with an infographic on LinkedIN referrals and I just had to share it on our blog (with their permission of course).  Hopefully this infographic …

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