Why Personas are Critical to Your Website Project

Website Personas

What in the world are Personas? The term Personas refers to a group of users that have similar characteristics (demographics, behaviors, etc). Each Persona consists of an image, a description, and other attributes. So you create these Personas to classify the different segments of visitors who visit your site. When you bundle all of your …

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Amazing New Salesforce1 Apps that are Free

Free Salesforce1 Apps

The Salesforce AppExchange is loaded with amazing apps that will keep you productive no matter where you are!  There have been a few recently added apps for Salesforce1 that are free and worth checking out.  Let’s take a look at them, and see all the benefits they bring to the table. Product Catalog First up …

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Salesforce: When to Convert a Lead to an Opportunity

Salesforce Leads vs Opportunities

No two companies use the exact same sales methods primarily because of the different factors and strategies that each company has. These factors and strategies could include the type of service provided, the product that is sold, how a company views their revenue or even the method in which a company handles their clients. An …

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Successful Sales Reps “Clean Their Room” in Salesforce.com

Successful sales reps clean their room in Salesforce.com

A well thought-out business plan should succeed. It is like a good engine, turn the key and it will run smoothly. Yet often it does not. Sales managers then have to explain and often they are at a loss for words. The truth is that the problem is there for a reason. It has developed …

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Salesforce is the CRM Solution for Small & Medium Business

Salesforce and Small & Medium Business

The reason as to why Salesforce.com is the CRM solution for small and medium enterprises is because of the many benefits attached to it. This is in regards to the immediate value your sales team receives and this is in accordance to improving their ability to sell together with the significant increase in success rates. …

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A New Way to Take Notes in Salesforce

Taking Notes in Salesforce

I’m a note taker.  If I’m in a meeting you will see me taking notes and jotting down reminders.  It’s something I have always done in order to keep organized and ever since high school I feel that I have created a solid system that helps me organize my notes and to-do lists. Ever since we subscribed to Salesforce.com …

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Top #Salesforce Pins on Pinterest

#Salesforce on Pinterest

Pinterest is not only good for recipes and DIY plans but it is also a great place to come across great business content and infographics. This week we wanted to share with you some of the top #Salesforce pins on Pinterest that might be of interest to you. How CRM Helps Small Businesses.  An infographic …

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Newly Enhanced Salesforce Files Reinvents Storing Files in the Cloud

Salesforce Files Sync

  If you’re storing files in the cloud you’re probably using Dropbox, Box.com or even Google Drive. Now that same experience and capability is brought into Salesforce with the newly enhanced Salesforce Files. For many years, Salesforce users have had the ability to store files within Salesforce but without folder hierarchy thus providing users with the experience they would …

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How to Boost Mobile Conversions with Responsive Website Design

Responsive Website Conversions

  If you think you can ignore mobile devices for your online sales, you haven’t been following the news. Consider these facts: In 2013 for the first time, sales of tablets surpassed the sales of PCs More hours per month are spent accessing the Internet with smartphones (34) vs. PCs (27) 90 percent of mobile searches result in …

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The CMO and the CIO are Partners in the Full Customer Experience

Relaxing in the internet cafe

The digital marketplace has set the pace for new ideas that combine technology and marketing innovations. In the past, technology and marketing never the twain shall meet, but in this century if they don’t meet marketing efforts are grossly compromised, and so is the ability to deliver effective customer experiences. If you are a chief …

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Website CMS Features Every Marketer Needs to Know


Content management system (CMS) applications are a powerful tool that allows you as a marketer to manage your website, social media presence, and overall marketing efforts with ease. Powerful, full-featured CMS applications, like Kentico CMS, help to take the guess work and tedium out of marketing by helping to automate and integrate a wide range …

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A CMS is No Longer Just a CMS but a Marketing Suite


The right content management system (CMS) is used to effectively manage your website. A number of companies will use content management systems to store and retrieve published data on their website, but it is so much more than this now. A content management system will do more than update content, it gives you a complete …

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7 Tips to Successful Ecommerce Website

7 Tips to a Successful ECommerce Website

Websites are becoming a more frequent venue for retail as consumers leave the traditional realm of physical locations. Since there are thousands of ecommerce websites already out there, ecommerce design is essential to success. Just because a business has the best product and the best price doesn’t mean they have a well thought-out website. Anyone …

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How to Manage Web Design Projects

Web Design Meeting

Design is subjective in nature and can be one of the most difficult aspects of managing a web design project. But the creativity behind a website is the most important part of a company’s website initiative.  The initial impression that a website design delivers is critical to the success of that project.  But because design …

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8 Old School Social Media Marketing Rules You Should Break


The essence of social media is connection and engagement.  Social networks have connected the world like never before.  People are so enchanted by them that “sharing” officially became a thing.  Everything happens on a social media platform — including the world’s biggest bankrollers who aim at taking “sharing” into another level and turn followers into …

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