Effective Website Calls-To-Action and How They Can Work for You

Website Call to Actions

  A study at Content Marketing Institute revealed that out of a cross-section of some of the top business websites, only 30% had an effective call-to-action on the front page. This is a huge mistake, because a lack of a call-to-action risks losing business. Even after twenty years of commercial websites, an incredibly low number …

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5 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Web Designer

5 questions to ask when hiring a web designer

Are you thinking about getting your website designed from scratch? Or would you prefer to give your website a thorough facelift? Regardless of what your plans are, a professional web designer can help you fulfill your web design needs. However, before you settle for a particular web designer, you need to ask him or her …

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The 3 Step Process to Turn Leads into Clients (and the Tools You Need)

One of the most important aspects of any business is the generation of leads and the ability to convert them into sales. Lead generation is great, but unless there is a model in place that can help a company to capitalize on these leads, it does not matter how good your business is at coming …

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How to Grow Your Business with Salesforce Communities

Salesforce Communities

With the world business platform becoming more competitive, innovation and adoption of new technologies has become mandatory. Those who opt to remain in their comfortable zone have only themselves to blame. Adoption of new technologies and embarking on innovation may be costly to begin with but it is only just a matter of time before …

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11 Online and Free Tools that Will Improve Your Content Marketing

ONLINE Marketing Tools

As more and more businesses move the bulk of their marketing efforts to the online space, Google’s ranking factors change to keep pace and deliver the best content to its user base. Not surprisingly, then, everything revolves around content – as captured by Google’s famous mantra, “Content is King.” Gone are the gimmicks of old; …

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How Effective Sales People Turn Inbound Leads into Clients

Convert Leads into Clients

Inbound leads are usually easier deals to close, but there’s still the possibility of failure. By adhering to the following formula, you can increase your sales team’s current conversion rates so that more of your inbound leads become paying customers for your company. How Inbound Marketing Works Inbound marketing entails drawing people to your company …

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Sales Managers: You’re the Reason CRMs Fail and How To Prevent It

Sales Manager

When companies make the choice to utilize Salesforce CRM, they’re looking forward to increased demand and sales, better reporting, fantastic customer relationships, and a streamlined pipeline. If you didn’t receive these results, however, the initial instinct is to declare the project a failure. You might even go back to your old processes. We need to …

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Getting Started with Your Sales Funnel

Clear Sailing with Sales Funnels

The Basics of the Sales Funnel The sales funnel is a visual illustration of the sales process, a metaphor that shows all of the potential sales opportunities and follow them along the way to either drop out of the process or become a complete sale. A funnel is divided into several different stages, dependent on …

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How to Organize Documents with Salesforce Files & Chatter

Salesforce Files and Chatter

Image source Are you guilty of terrible organizational knowledge management? You’re certainly not alone. The average American employee wastes six weeks per year searching for needed information or items. Research by IDC reveals that 60% of business executives believe their employees’ performance suffers due to hard-to-find files and missing information. While only 76% of executives …

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You May Market Well, But are You Nurturing Leads as You Should? [Infographic]

The data behind sales nurturing

You may market well, but are you nurturing leads as you should? Tweet this Click Image to Enlarge Source: The Data Behind What Makes an Effective Sales Process – Infographic

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Be an Effective Salesforce User with These 7 Free Apps

Salesforce Admins

Salesforce.com, the leading CRM in the marketplace, has been a godsend for sales people, marketers and entrepreneurs thanks to its many features, including its customer relationship management products. It also offers plenty of free apps through its Appexchange marketplace that can be installed directly into your Salesforce.com org. With over 2,000 apps in the AppExchange …

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5 Tools to Find Interesting Content to Read or Share on Social Media

5 Tools to find social media contetn

 Finding quality articles to read regarding the things that are going on in the industry that we are a part of is an excellent way to engage and helps us to build social media relationships with those who are influential in our field. There are a number of tools that are available to help find …

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How to Build a $13 Standing Desk

How to Build a Standing Desk

At the end of every year I try to spend some time cleaning my office. Throughout the year papers, files and just general stuff begin to pile up on my desk and I like take a few moments and just get things cleaned up. Also, for Christmas this year many of us at the office …

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Your Guide to Becoming a Better Salesforce User

Becoming a Better Salesforce User

Do you oftentimes say to yourself or hear others in your office saying “we just want to use Salesforce better”? Salesforce is full of features that are oftentimes not used because Salesforce users don’t know about them or don’t know the impact they produce. No matter what your Salesforce level of expertise, you will be …

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CRM is the New ERP

CRM is the New ERP

CRM and ERP are the two different technology acronyms that organizations need to know about. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is used to determine all aspects of sales- and service-related interactions which an organization maintains with its customers. It can help a business to better understand customer relationship, improve customer service, increase profits, attract new clients …

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